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About Me


Since I was a child, beauty has always been around my world. My mom managed a Victoria’s Secret, where she would bring me to hang out when I didn’t have school. I would help her clean shelves and unbox all the beautiful smelling lotions and fresh tubes of lipstick. The blown up posters around the store resonated with the creative spirit inside of me and sparked my love for the beauty industry.


I entered cosmetology school in 2014 after moving to New Hampshire from Arizona. I was taken back by the upbeat and friendly Paul Mitchell culture. Everything was magical, the smells of hairspray, the platform artists, and the all-around support you feel from your fellow Paul Mitchell friends. Paul Mitchell has shown me that clean sections create clean styles and that there is no challenge I can’t overcome.



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After graduating with a cosmetology license, I decided to go back to school to achieve my master barber’s license as well as my educators license. While in barbering school I worked part time as a booth renting hairstylist and managing operations at Staples. I always like a good challenge for myself.


Once I received my barbers license, I knew that I wasn’t done with the Paul Mitchell culture just yet. I was offered a job at my Paul Mitchell school as an apprentice. Throughout the year of my apprentice program, I learned that “Unshared Success is Failure”- John Paul Dejoria. My students became the seeds to spread creativity and passion, it wasn’t just about hair.

While working as an educator I found the opportunities that I now know set the foundation behind Beauty Brianna, I got asked to help at my very first freelance wedding. I styled the most hair I have ever in my schooling. I was exhausted by the end, but the photos we got back were outstanding. It drove me to the photo side of the industry. I started styling hair for photoshoots, music videos, Magazine features, Now I style hair for my very own company

I’ve taken the time to study how hair moves and works with other elements. I can assure you that I will give you the best quality because I am willing to put the time in to make your dream a reality. Styling hair that must perform and present itself in front of camera is my game. The tiniest details matter the most while styling whether its simply adding some dry shampoo or adding more volume to create the desired appearence. I hope to continue to spread love, creativity, and  passion while creating my art.


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